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By Brian Jacques

Deserted as an baby by way of his father, the evil warlord Swartt Sixclaw, Veil is raised by means of the kindhearted Bryony. regardless of issues from everybody at Redwall, Bryony is confident that Veil's goodness will be triumphant. but if he commits against the law that's unforgivable, he's banished from the abbey endlessly. Then Swartt and his hordes of searats and vermin assault Redwall, and Veil has to make your mind up: should still he sign up for Swartt in conflict opposed to the single creature who has ever enjoyed him? Or should still he flip his again on his actual father?

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Swartt desires energy and wealth. the placement of Warlord is his strength, however the wealth lies hidden southeast of the following. searats sailed up the good river lengthy seasons in the past and concealed their treasure in a mystery position! ’ the large fox instantly grew to become very attentive. ‘Aha! Treasure ye say – the place? ’ ‘Only Swartt and that i be aware of. We fought the searats and slew them many seasons in the past at the east coast. ahead of their Captain died we squeezed the positioning of the loot out of him. besides the fact that, i do know now that Swartt has grown too robust to proportion any loot with me. What I’m trying to find is somebeast i will belief, a fox like myself to proportion either the treasure and command of the horde. ’ Balefur spat upon his paw and held it out. ‘Play me fake an’ I’ll intestine ye, yet take my paw, inform me the place yon treasure lies, an’ ye’ve obtained a discount. I supply ye my be aware, lassie! ’ Nightshade spat on her paw and joined it with the large fox’s. ‘Fox and fox jointly act, Here’s my paw and here’s my pact! correct, after we achieve the river Swartt is giving the horde a few days’ relaxation, that’s so he can slide off and get the loot. He desires the horde to maneuver west, but when you stick with the river east and are available again north a piece you’ll see an excellent gap scooped out of the earth, a quarry. that's the place the treasure lies. move rigorously, and steer clear of an outdated sod residing the place stoat hags dwell. They act as sentries for the treasure, guarding the quarry. these outdated hags are risky, they've got wisdom of serious spells, magic and poisons. stay away from them, and input the quarry secretly from the other facet in their living. you'll find many holes lowdown within the pitface – decide on the largest. stick to down the opening, it's a tunnel, and on the finish of it you'll find the treasure should you dig immediately down. Take trusty buddies with you to hold it again, for it's a nice hoard that took the searats many, many seasons to thieve and plunder. they are saying there's a nice jewelled awl made up of gold there, larger even than the only you hold. ’ notwithstanding Balefur’s eyes shone covetously on the considered such riches, nonetheless he requested the query, ‘An’ what’ll ye be doin’ when ah’m gettin’ yon booty? ’ The vixen nodded approvingly. ‘Good, i presumed you’d ask that! I’ll be convincing Swartt that you’ve abandoned with a number of your folks; in the meantime I’ll be slipping a potion in his foodstuff that’ll weaken him a piece. No experience in taking silly dangers, then in the event you problem him for the management you’ll ensure that you do win. Now get going, take of your foxes with you, should you go away now you’ll set paws at the treasure an entire day sooner than we arrive on the river. I’ll meet you on the cave to separate the spoils. ’ Balefur known as again as he ran off in the direction of the relocating horde, ‘Ah’m pleased tae have ye as a pal an’ no longer a foe, Nightshade! ’ The vixen smiled and waved, figuring out she was once associated via future to serve just one. The Warlord Swartt Sixclaw! Balefur selected dogfoxes, younger and fully in awe and admiration of him. with out telling them an excessive amount of he shepherded them clear of the marching horde, and so they slipped off south and just a little east, clear of the most physique.

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