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Quintil. (viii. three· fifty three) disapproves of the mannerism ('est et 1TAwvaaftos vitium, cum supervacuis verbis oratio oneratur: "ego oculis meis vidi", satis enim "vidi" '). For pleonasm as a characteristic of Latin sort see Löfstedt, Synt. ii, eh. nine; ok. II. ii, pp. 567 ff. 6. Camillos: the normal 'saints' gallery' of Roman rhetoric; their names should have worn skinny with time, but we needs to remernher the Romanpassion for ezempla, 'precedents', which marle 'history' a vital a part of rhetoric. comparable lists of grand previous males are common in Cicero, and are a part of the average supellez of later rhetorical writers (e. g. Quintil. vii. 2. 38, xii. 2. 30, Pliny, Pan. thirteen, Sen. Contr. ii. 1. eight, Suas. 7. 6, Juv. 2. three, 154, even Apul. Apo!. 10); see de Decker,Juvmalis Declamans (Ghent, 1913), pp. 34 ff. , and cf. Otto s. vv. * M. Furius Camillus used to be Dictator in 396 and 390; C. Fabricius Luscinus confirmed hirnself an incorruptible common within the conflict with Pyrrhus, and was once censor in 275; M'. Curius Dentatus ended the Samnite struggle as consul in 290, and as consul back in 27 five he defeated Pyrrhus. · haec: = koc imperium, as usually; cf. Landgraf on Rose. Am. so, du Mesnil on Flacc. 104, N. , pp. 213 f. · § forty. 7· verum: a robust distinction; the Romans have been going to spoil (in rhetoric) at the very least ever considering outdated Scipio Aemilianus expressed his horror at seeing greater than fifty Roman girls and boys at a dancing-school (Macrob. Sat. xiii. 14. 7): they persevered gradually to take action (in rhetoric), cf. Sen. Epp. ninety five· :23 'in rhetorum 103 §§ 4o-41 C zero l'vß1 E NT AR Y ac philosophorum scholis solitudo est; at quam celebres culinae sunt', and so forth. IO. qui ••• sumus: 'who have followcd this course and demeanour of lifestyles no longer loads in idea as in practice'. thirteen. facere . •• loqui: corresponds to re magt"s quam verbis above; cf. Quintil. xii. 2. 30 'quantum enim Graeci praeceptis valent, tantum Romani, quod est maius, exemplis'. For the Roman perspective to Creek philosophical conception, see Kroll, Di4 Kultur der Ciceronischen Zet"t, ii, pp. I 20 ff. § forty-one. 15. voluptatis causa: cf. Sen. Contr. ii. 6. 2 'quidam summum bonum dixerunt voluptatem et omnia advert corpus rettulerunt'. Cicero alludes to the Epicurean idea of 'pleasure', which he so heartily disliked (see Reid's A cademz'ca, pp. 2 I ff. ): this conceived voluptas by way of aTapagla and drrovla, a view whose actual that means used to be frequently misunderstood and misrepresented; see Bailey, Lucretius, i, pp. 6o ff. , for a dialogue of Epicurean ethical conception, and cf. A. H. Armstrong, lntroduction to Andent Philosojhy, pp. a hundred thirty ff. x6. hac ••• turpitudine: 'this disgusting statement'. 18. dignitatem: 'virtue'; cf. Tusc. v. eighty five 'voluptatem cum honestate Dinomachus et Callipho copulavit, indolentiam autem honestati Peripateticus Diodorus adiunxit', Acad. ii. 131 'voluptatem autem et honestatem finemesse Callipho censuit'. the lecturers and Peripatetics held a mid-path among Stoicism and Epicureanism, considering the executive stable lay in becoming a member of advantage to physically excitement (see Holden's references an de off. iii. I 19). 19. dicendi facultate: 'by an opportunist argument'.

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