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By Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Alden young ones are on holiday at an aquarium in Florida. The Boxcar kids will feed the penquins, swim with dolphins, and are available face-to-face with a very good white shark! however the Aldens quickly notice that the shark is at risk.

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Definite, they are,” Mac agreed. “They’ve been round for thousands of years—since earlier than the dinosaurs. ” “Are those all sharks during this tank? ” Violet requested. “Yes,” stated Mac. “But they appear so diverse from one another,” stated Violet. “There are 1000's of forms of sharks, and they're very different,” Mac stated. “The ones during this tank aren’t harmful to humans. See that bottom-feeder down there? ” Mac requested, pointing. The Aldens appeared down towards one of many purely piles of rocks that wasn’t coated with algae. A shark hovered subsequent to it. “That’s a nurse shark. It’s named that since it sucks on sand the best way a toddler sucks on a bottle, looking for clams or crabs to consume. while I first got to work with sharks, I misplaced my stability and by chance sat down on a kind of. ” “You did? ” stated Benny. “What occurred? ” “Nothing,” acknowledged Mac. “I was once afraid it'd be mad, however it simply moved away. De-spite what humans imagine, sharks aren’t out to get you. ” Mac pointed to 1 of the sharks greater up. “That’s a sand tiger shark, and the only with the white patch on its fin is a white-tip reef shark. ” Mac checked his watch. “It’s their feeding time now, if you’d wish to aid me. ” “Sure,” acknowledged Henry. “Um … okay,” stated Benny quietly. Mac gave all of the kids a bucket of fish. They him as much as a raised platform subsequent to the tank and he confirmed them find out how to drop the fish in. The Aldens watched the sharks seize the fish as they fell throughout the water, tearing at them with their sharp enamel. “They nonetheless glance beautiful fierce,” acknowledged Benny as he climbed down from the feeding platform. “Sharks have a foul recognition as blood-thirsty killers,” Mac stated, “but really, so much species aren’t risky to humans in any respect. ” “Hear that, Benny? ” Jessie stated. “He’s been petrified of sharks ever given that he observed the motion picture probability within the Deep. ” “That shark is risky, though,” Benny acknowledged, operating towards the bigger tank, the place the nice white was once swimming on its own. “It’s very infrequent for sharks to assault people,” Mac stated. “Each yr purely approximately fifty humans within the entire international record being attacked through a shark. Sharks don’t hunt people—it’s simply that typically they mistake someone for a seal, that is what and they devour. ” “In your publication you acknowledged you’d been within the water with a good white shark,” acknowledged Henry. “What’s it like? ” A remote glance came visiting Mac’s face. “It’s an grand experience,” he acknowledged. “They’re such attractive, strong animals. as soon as one bit me—but while it learned I wasn’t its ordinary dinner, it swam away. I went correct again within the water once the wound healed. ” “Weren’t you scared? ” requested Benny. “I make sure you be careful,” Mac acknowledged. “But I wouldn’t allow worry preserve me from my interesting paintings. I did all types of study out within the open sea, swimming with all types of sea creatures. ” “Do you pass within the tanks with them right here? ” Jessie requested. “We yes do,” Mac acknowledged. “Not simply me, however the different divers additionally. we need to fresh the home windows, do maintenance, aid injured animals, such things as that. after we first introduced the good white in, we needed to stroll it round the tank.

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