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By Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Aldens study that their housekeeper has to promote her youth domestic, the Crooked apartment, simply because she can't manage to pay for to maintain it. The Aldens research that there's a riddle surrounding the home, and if the can remedy it, there should be a treasure to be chanced on!

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Benny gasped, forgetting to decrease his voice. Violet placed a finger to her lips. however it used to be too past due. Nola had already whirled round. the kids stood completely nonetheless, protecting their breath. Then Nick acknowledged, “Come on in, Rebecca. ” Benny’s enormous eyes bought even larger. Had Nick simply pointed out Nola as Rebecca? the instant the door closed, Violet grabbed Benny’s hand, and the Aldens raced around the backyard to the Crooked condominium. As they sat by means of the fireplace, they mentioned every thing they’d overheard. “She’s simply pretending to be Nola Rawlings! ” acknowledged Benny. “Her actual identify is Rebecca! ” Violet nodded. “Rebecca Flagg. That used to be the identify at the booklet i discovered. the only approximately Amelia Quigley Adams. ” “That capacity Nick isn’t the good individual we proposal he was,” Jessie acknowledged unfortunately. She may well infrequently think that Nick was once anybody’s companion in crime. Violet was once frowning. “What I can’t work out is why Nola—I suggest, Rebecca—was examining all approximately Amelia Quigley Adams. ” “And why did she make any such mystery of it? ” demanded Benny. Violet stated in a quiet voice, “It’s the oddest factor. ” Henry have been pondering. “Unless ... ” “Unless what, Henry? ” Jessie desired to be aware of. It took Henry a couple of moments to reply to. “Unless the secret girl wasn’t tricking Mrs. McGregor, after all,” he ultimately stated. “Maybe Amelia Quigley Adams fairly did signal that secret booklet. ” Benny acknowledged, “But Jessie acknowledged the handwriting used to be like the secret Lady’s! ” “What if it appears to be like a similar because—” started Henry. Jessie’s eyes widened as she stuck Henry’s which means. She comprehensive her brother’s sentence for him. “Because the secret woman used to be none except Amelia Quigley Adams herself! ” “You imagine the recognized writer concealed the treasure? ” requested Benny in amazement. Henry nodded. “And I’m virtually definite that Rebecca Flagg and Nick Spencer are trying to find it, too! ” all of them suggestion Henry could be correct. “That may clarify Rebecca Flagg’s curiosity in Amelia Quigley Adams,” admitted Violet. “But we can’t be sure the secret girl relatively used to be Amelia Quigley Adams,” Benny mentioned. Henry couldn’t argue. “Mrs. McGregor simply has the single photo of the secret Lady,” he stated. “And her face is hidden less than that enormous hat. ” Jessie stared at Henry. Then her mouth dropped open. “What’s mistaken? ” Violet requested her sister. Jessie spoke up. “A hat offers coloration from the solar! ” “And it hangs on a tree,” further Violet in shock. “A hat tree! ” Benny nearly shouted with pleasure, “Then the reply to the riddle is ... ” “A hat! ” the Aldens all cried out right away. “Of direction! ” acknowledged Henry. “Mrs. McGregor advised us that the secret girl by no means went wherever and not using a hat to maintain her face shaded from the solar! ” “That’s true,” saw Jessie. “And bear in mind what else Mrs. McGregor stated? Her hat was once packed away in its hatbox and brought as much as the attic! ” “What are we looking ahead to? ” cried Benny. “Let’s pass up and have a look! ” So once more, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny climbed the creaky stairs to the chilly, darkish attic. It took them it slow, yet they eventually stumbled on the hatbox tucked away in the back of a status replicate.

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