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By Alex Archer, Michele Hauf

In a distant a part of eire, archaeological groups dig for the locate of a lifetime—the mythical Spear of Lugh. Folklore claims the mystical weapon used to be cast for the time of the traditional Tuatha de Danaan. yet because the seek intensifies, humans commence disappearing from the dig. "Faeries," whisper the locals. the opposite Crowd…

Instructed to trip to eire and go back with faerie photos, archaeologist Annja Creed figures it's a funny story task. yet humans have vanished and he or she quickly realizes there's extra in play than legendary wee people. With the unsettling concept that anything otherworldly is within the air, Annja is torn among her roles as an archaeologist and a warrior. yet can her strong sword shield her from the specter of violence…or the opposite Crowd?

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She had no compunctions approximately doing simply that if any impending attacker threatened her lifestyles. From the again of the warehouse the place the loading platform stood 4 ft excessive, males in sandy-colored overalls charged at her. They didn’t pull out weapons. As they received toward Annja, they synchronized their strikes. palms stretched out, they clasped the forearm of the opposite to shape a bar among them. Sword blade upright, Annja pumped her fingers and ran towards the lads. 3 ft from the oncoming battering ram, she leaped, did a summersault within the air and got here down on bended knee in the back of the 2 stunned thugs. As possessor of the sword she’d discovered a number of extraordinary strikes. Lunging as much as stand and swinging the sword in caution towards the thugs, she grew to become, bringing her sword arm down and in the back of her as she confronted Neville. He crossed his hands excessive on his chest, his gun tucked in his waistband. A shrug silently conveyed the message “I’m staring at. convey me your most sensible. ” in the intervening time, Annja detected no probability from him and so interested in the 3 ultimate deterrents to her endured respiring. in the back of Neville the loading platform stretched alongside the wall; one finish was once hooked up to a metal curler ramp used to slip bins right into a ready truck, the opposite finish stopped on the wall. at the moment flooring, on the best of a stairway that hugged the brick wall, an place of work door stuck her eye. Annja made a run for it and jumped onto the platform. If Eric was once the following, he was once at the back of that second-floor door. She spun to sight her rivals as a pistol cracked. The sound was once off. The weapon hadn’t fired safely. And it hadn’t come from Neville. The 3rd thug who hadn’t but approached her yelped and dropped a pistol close to his ft. Gripping his bloody hand he swore in Gaelic. The gun should have misfired, which used to be nearly very unlikely with a well-made weapon. If these have been the types of palms Neville was once promoting, Annja questioned how he might sustain the company and never carry numerous unhappy buyers after him with blood of their eyes. She didn’t have time to fight with the correct and improper of the standard of product provided in illicit hands revenues. the 2 thugs who had didn't corral her prior moved to contrary ends of the platform. The dock thundered less than her toes as they clambered up in pursuit. She met the 1st, however the clatter of the metal platform distracted her and he or she misplaced her timing. He charged into her physique with a grunt, fearless of the sword. The influence loosened her grip at the sword. despite it she couldn’t struggle successfully whilst the fellow used to be so shut. He punched her within the intestine. Her shoulders hit the corrugated metal wall. The wall clattered like shut thunder. liberating the sword into the otherwhere, Annja used the actual fact she was once pinned by way of the shoulders to boost her knees and jam her heels into the thug’s shins. The not easy rubber soles of her boots scraped down his shins, yet his heavy overalls safe his dermis from harm. A brow to his chin reverberated in Annja’s cranium. Her opponent published her lengthy sufficient to obtain an open-palmed smack apart his jaw.

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