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By Alex Archer, Mel Odom

A holy conflict. An historical scroll misplaced in history…until now.

During a dig in Morocco, archaeologist Annja Creed and her partners are approximately buried alive while the khettara ceiling collapses, revealing a 1,300-year-old corpse. but if Bedouin bandits raid the camp, Annja slightly escapes along with her life…and half a scroll in historical Kufic script. Her companions' survival now is determined by her.

The scroll dates again to 656 advert, while Muslim raised sword opposed to Muslim and the assassination of the 3rd caliph left no transparent inheritor to Muhammad's teachings. It's a coveted locate. Annja fast reveals herself stuck among a devious terrorist whose family members honor is dependent upon destroying what she possesses and a ruthless CIA group. either think the top justifies the potential. And that Annja can't enable.

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Hamid waited for his chance. He had misplaced tune of the way many males he’d visible killed during the last few days, and the way many he himself had killed. whilst he had joined the supporters of Aisha bint Abu Bakr, he had simply come to depart in the back of the village and the paintings. It were an opportunity to determine extra of the area. He had now not given proposal to death for the chance. “Surrender your sword and that i allow you to reside. ” The older guy drew in a breath. Hamid shook his head. “I can't flip from God’s paintings. ” He knew that used to be what his father could say, and he had no different phrases to provide. by no means earlier than had Muslims risen as much as strike down Muslims on a battlefield. “You are a idiot. this isn't God’s paintings. ” The swordsman dealing with Hamid swung time and again, and the clang of steel on steel rang inside of Hamid’s cranium. “You may well stay your lifestyles within the glory of the single precise God. as a substitute, you try to waste it within the identify of that harlot. ” The disrespect firmed Hamid’s unravel. Muhammad’s widow shouldn't be spoken of in this type of cavalier demeanour. She have been the prophet’s favourite spouse. None contested that. This time while his opponent strode ahead, Hamid dashed the blade to 1 part, stepped in quick and became to his correct. He grabbed the man’s prolonged correct wrist together with his left hand and trapped the warrior there off stability. Then he whirled without warning and sliced his opponent’s throat open. Blood spilled over front of the man’s garments as he stumbled again. He clasped a hand to his throat and stared at Hamid in disbelief prior to lifting his sword and speeding Hamid. stuck unawares, paralyzed through the sight of the fellow demise earlier than him, Hamid couldn’t get out of ways in time. The man’s bulk bore him to the floor and knocked the air from his lungs. Frantic, Hamid grabbed the man’s sword arm, slightly in a position to restrain the fellow who was once attempting to observed the sword into Hamid’s face. The blade nicked Hamid’s cheek sooner than the man’s power fled. Rolling to 1 part, Hamid knocked the corpse from him, then climbed wearily to his toes to look for an additional foe. He knew there will be one as the widow Aisha’s forces have been outnumbered. Horns blared over the apparent. spotting the sign to withdraw forces, Hamid gratefully stumbled again, sucking in air. He glanced on the corpse stretched at the floor and on the sand greedily soaking up the spilled blood. His sword now felt like a boulder on the finish of his arm. A warrior fastened on a black stallion raced alongside the road of warriors, and his counterpart did a similar in entrance of the armed males that fought for Ali. “Stand away! Stand away! The conflict is over! ” one of many older warriors subsequent to Hamid dropped to his knees in prayer. one other guy progressed and raised his voice to invite, “But who has gained? ” As he seemed around the battlefield plagued by the useless, not able to understand who was once pal and who used to be foe, Hamid wanted to grasp the reply to that query, besides. And with all of the our bodies, may perhaps there actually be a winner? The rider reined in his horse. His thick face used to be bleak.

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